Angels & Humans

Yesterday, we learned about our loving God. Today, on this second day, we will learn about the two most important beings God created for Himself: angels and humans.

The Assumption of the Virgin, Francesco Botticini (1475 – 1476)


Come O Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.

Send forth your Spirit, O Lord, and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth.

+ Amen +


Angels are spirits that God has filled with great wisdom, power and holiness. They see, love and adore God, are faithful to Him, and live with Him in eternal joy in Heaven.

They also help us by praying for us, conveying messages from God to us, protecting us and inspiring us to do good.


Some of the angels betrayed God in the beginning. They are now known as devils or demons and they are evil spirits who are in Hell. They also hurt us by tempting us to sin.


We are humans. When God created us, He wanted us to be with Him in Heaven. But, it sadly did not turn out that way.

Adam & Eve

In the beginning, God created two people, Adam and Eve. They were our first parents.

They had Sanctifying Grace which made them children of God and allowed them to go to Heaven. They were happy, intelligent and virtuous; and there was no suffering and death.

But the devil tempted them to disobey God and they did. They lost sanctifying grace and were now unable to go to Heaven. They became unhappy, their knowledge weakened, their sense of virtue weakened; and suffering and death came into the world.

If Adam and Eve had remained obedient to God, we, their children, would have been born with sanctifying grace and we would be able to go to Heaven.

But because they disobeyed God, we are born with their sin and the loss of sanctifying grace – meaning we too could not go to Heaven. This state is called Original Sin.

Yet, God did not want this for us. He wanted us to be with Him in eternal joy in Heaven. So, He was going to send us a savior.

Tomorrow, we will learn about Our Savior.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  7. Why didn’t God or the angels stop Adam and Eve from sinning?
  8. If Adam and Eve sinned, why do we get punished with Original Sin and all its effects such as suffering and death?
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