Errors we should avoid

Expulsion of Adam and Eve, John Faed (1880)

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  • Heresies

    AnthropomorphismPre-Christian The claim that God has the “form, organs, operations, and characteristics” of human nature.1 Also known as Audianism. DualismPre-Christian The belief in a good principle and an evil principle and that the good created the spiritual world and that the evil created the material world.1 GnosticismPre-Christian The claim that salvation comes by way of… Continue reading Heresies

  • Erroneous Ideologies

    “I pray to God to give me perseverance and to deign that I be a faithful witness to Him to the end of my life for my God.” – St. Patrick AtheismPre-Christian A system of thought opposed to theism (the belief in God) and modern day religions.1 HedonismPre-Christian A system of ethics that teaches that… Continue reading Erroneous Ideologies

  • Sin

    Sin is any thought, word or action that is against God’s law that comes from our hearts. When we disobey God, offend God, or do the opposite of what we know is right, we are sinning.1 Sin’s Effect on Us and Society Sin turns our hearts away from God and His love for us. It… Continue reading Sin

  • Faith or Works

    What gets us to Heaven? Faith or Works? The answer is Faith and Works! Don’t be fooled by the complicated arguments of this group and that group. The truth rests in the Bible and the teachings of the Catholic Church which has remained unchanged since the time of Christ. As per St. James: What does… Continue reading Faith or Works

  • Why did God create evil beings?

    God did not create evil beings. All beings that God created are good by nature. Beings become evil when they turn away from God and into themselves; when they become selfish. The devil was an angel that should have praised God for all eternity, but he chose to betray God. All the demons were also… Continue reading Why did God create evil beings?

  • Does God love those in Hell?

    Yes, God loves everyone who is in Hell, but He cannot endure the darkness of their soul caused by their rejection of Him upon death1 and He cannot force them to love Him when they choose not to for all eternity. So, He gives them a place to reside called Hell. God loves these souls,… Continue reading Does God love those in Hell?

  • Can we betray God in Heaven?

    No, we cannot betray God in Heaven. In Heaven, we will see God face to face and will be filled with all the love God has for each and every one of us. All our desires, hopes, and dreams will be fulfilled in God and there will be nothing that can draw our gaze away… Continue reading Can we betray God in Heaven?

  • Do dogs go to Heaven?

    Because animals do not have rational souls, their souls are not immortal. As such, as soon as they die, their soul expires. And, as a result, the souls of our dogs and pets do not go to Heaven.1, 2 The thing is, we tend to ascribe to animals feelings that only humans have. We have… Continue reading Do dogs go to Heaven?