Does God love me?

Yes, God loves you. He loves everyone but He loves you in particular. God created you so that you could be with Him in eternal paradise. Not for His own sake, but because He wants you to be happy. Had the whole world been okay, but you were in need of redemption alone, He would… Continue reading Does God love me?

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Is God Real?

Yes, most fortunately, God is real! In fact, He is more real that we are. St. Paul teaches in Acts 17:28 that “We live and move and have our being in Him”. In other words, we exist in Him. This means that it’s not us thinking about God that makes Him real. It’s God thinking… Continue reading Is God Real?

How old is God?

When I say I am 36 years old, it means I have lived in the world for 36 years. But, God does not live in the world. Instead, the world lives in God. As St. Paul told the Athenians in Acts 17:28, “In Him we live and move and have our being”. We have an… Continue reading How old is God?


Sin is any thought, word or action that is against God’s law that comes from our hearts. When we disobey God, offend God, or do the opposite of what we know is right, we are sinning.1 Sin’s Effect on Us and Society Sin turns our hearts away from God and His love for us. It… Continue reading Sin