If all the teachings of Christ, the Bible and the Bible were reduced down to one concept, characteristic and word that summarized the path to Heaven, it would be this: selflessness. Selflessness Selflessness, or more specifically, selfless love is the love the Father has for the Son and the Son has for the Father. The… Continue reading Selflessness

Is God Real?

Yes, most fortunately, God is real! In fact, He is more real that we are. St. Paul teaches in Acts 17:28 that “We live and move and have our being in Him”. In other words, we exist in Him. This means that it’s not us thinking about God that makes Him real. It’s God thinking… Continue reading Is God Real?

The Little Way

The Little Way is way of life where do everyday things with extraordinary love for God. It was created by St. Thérèse of Lisieux to solve a problem she identified in her life story, Story of a Soul. Problem “You know it has ever been my desire to become a Saint, but I have always felt,… Continue reading The Little Way