Titles of Mary

Mother of God Holy Mother of God Mary is holy because she was conceived without sin, and she is the mother of God because she is the mother of Jesus Christ who is God the Son, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. Mother of Jesus Mary is the mother of the person named Jesus.… Continue reading Titles of Mary


AnthropomorphismPre-Christian The claim that God has the “form, organs, operations, and characteristics” of human nature.1 Also known as Audianism. DualismPre-Christian The belief in a good principle and an evil principle and that the good created the spiritual world and that the evil created the material world.1 GnosticismPre-Christian The claim that salvation comes by way of… Continue reading Heresies

The Virtues

Definition | The Theological Virtues | Faith | Hope | Charity | The Human Virtues | Prudence | Justice | Fortitude | Temperance | Accomplishing the Virtues A virtue is a constant habit and disposition to do what is good and to give the best of yourself. A virtuous person tends towards goodness in his… Continue reading The Virtues

The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes are the first words spoken by Christ during the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-11). They show Jesus’ love for us, instruct us on how we should live, provide us hope during trials, and remind us of the rewards yet to come for those who follow Him.1 The beatitudes are: Blessed are the… Continue reading The Beatitudes

The Commandments

The Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments were issued by God to Moses and the People of Israel on Mount Sinai in the desert (Exodus 20:2-17). Moses later reminded the people of Israel of them when they were in the land of Moab beyond the Jordan (Deuteronomy 5:6-21). The Ten Commandments are: I am the LORD… Continue reading The Commandments