AnthropomorphismPre-Christian The claim that God has the “form, organs, operations, and characteristics” of human nature.1 Also known as Audianism. DualismPre-Christian The belief in a good principle and an evil principle and that the good created the spiritual world and that the evil created the material world.1 GnosticismPre-Christian The claim that salvation comes by way of… Continue reading Heresies

The 21 Ecumenical Councils

Foreword There have been 21 Ecumenical Councils in Church History. This does not include the Council of Jerusalem held A.D. 50 by the Apostles as recorded in Acts 15. A council is a gathering of bishops meant to discuss doctrinal and/or pastoral matters of the Church. It becomes ecumenical when its works are approved by… Continue reading The 21 Ecumenical Councils

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