Examination of Conscience

Foreword Before we can go for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and seek God’s forgiveness of our sins, we must first identify our sins through a process called the Examination of Conscience.1 For any sins we identify, we must note them and the number of times we committed them since our last confession.1 Methods of examining… Continue reading Examination of Conscience


Foreword The Examen is a simple and short review of the day where you look for how God has impacted your life. It was gifted to St. Ignatius Loyola by God, who then spread this practice to others.1 It is a staple practice of the Jesuit order and is practiced by many Catholics.1 Order of… Continue reading Examen

Mental Prayer

Mental prayer is a method of meditating and conversing with the Lord in the interior of your heart. It is not a complicated prayer, but it is so essential that St. Alphonsus Ligouri said, “It is morally impossible for him who neglects meditation to live without sin.” Below is a method of mental prayer created… Continue reading Mental Prayer