Sign of the Cross

The Adoration of the Trinity, Albrecht Durer (1511)

In the name of the Father (touch your forehead)

And of the Son (touch the center of your chest)

And of the Holy (touch your left shoulder) Spirit (touch your right shoulder)

+ Amen +

It is called the Sign of the Cross because we sign ourselves with a cross when we say the prayer.1 This is important because it reminds us about Christ’s death on the Cross and His great love for us.

“When, therefore, you sign yourself, think of the purpose of the cross, and quench any anger and all other passions. Consider the price that has been paid for you.” – St. John Chrysostom1

It is the most fundamental prayer in the Catholic faith as it is the prayer Catholics use to start their day, prayers and activities. In so doing, we dedicate our day to God and ask for everything in the name of the Holy Trinity (CCC 2157).

It is also an ancient prayer that St. Basil teaches came directly from the Apostles.1