Titles of Mary

Mother of God

Holy Mother of God

Mary is holy because she was conceived without sin, and she is the mother of God because she is the mother of Jesus Christ who is God the Son, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

Mother of Jesus

Mary is the mother of the person named Jesus. See “Holy Mother of God.”

Blessed Mother

Mary is blessed because she is holy and because she is the mother of God. See “Holy Mother of God.”

Ark of the Covenant

As the Ark of the Old Testament contained the manna, priestly staff and the tablets of the commandments; since these items pointed to Christ, the Ark itself points to Mary, making Mary the definitive Ark of the Covenant.

Mother of Christ

Mary is the mother of Jesus, who is the Christ, the anointed one, of God. See “Holy Mother of God.”

Mother of our Creator

Mary is the mother of Jesus, the one through whom everything was created (John 1:3). See “Holy Mother of God.”

Mother of the Redeemer

Mary is the mother of Jesus, the one who redeemed us from our sins and enabled us to be adopted children of God (Galatians 4:4-7, Titus 2:11-14). See “Holy Mother of God.”

Mother of our Savior

Mary is the mother of Jesus, who is our Savior because He has saved us from damnation (Acts 5:31). See “Holy Mother of God.”

Mother of Sorrows

Mary is the mother of Jesus, who suffered under the torture of blasphemous insults, public humiliation, blows, the scourging and the crucifixion.

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament

Mary, as our Queen, has her royalty tied to the Blessed Sacrament because the Blessed Sacrament is her Son, Jesus Christ.

Our Lady of the Holy Cross

Mary, as our Queen, has her royalty tied to the cross upon which Jesus died because she stood by the cross until His death.

Our Lady of Sorrows

Mary, as our Queen, has her royalty tied to the cross upon which Jesus died because she suffered with Him until His death.

Seat of Wisdom

Singular Vessel of Devotion

Spiritual Vessel

Vessel of Honour

Mater Dei

Latin for “Mother of God”.

Our Lady of the Divine Shepherd (France)

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (Issoudun-France)

Our Lady of the Word (Montserrat-Spain)

Mother of us

Mother of the Church

Advocate of all Sinners

This title refers to Mary as advocate for any sinner who turns to her (Bl. Denis the Carthusian). See “Peculiar Refuge of the Lost”.1 (p216)

Comfort of the Afflicted

Health of the Sick

When we are assailed by temptations (sickness), we can ask Mary to help us and to provide us the graces from God we need to win (health).1

Health of the Weak

Help of Christians

Hope of the Despairing

A title by St. John of Damascus. Sinners have no need to fear Mary. She will accept all sinful people under her mantle and will intercede for their conversion and salvation.1

Hope of Evil-Doers

A title by St. Laurence Justinian. See “Hope of the Despairing.”1

Hope of the Wretched

A title by Bl. Denis the Carthusian. See “Peculiar Refuge of the Lost”.1 (p216)

Mother of Perpetual Help

Only Refuge of Sinners

A title by St. Augustine. See “Refuge of Sinners.”1

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
(Patroness of the Republic of Haiti and Almoradi, Spain)

Our Life and Our Hope

As per St. Alphosus Maria Liguori, Our Blessed Mother is our hope because, by her particular intercession, God grants us the grace of salvation. Without her intercession, we are lost. With her intercession, we are saved by Christ.1

Refuge of the Lost

As per Bl. Denis the Carthusian, because of Our Blessed Mother’s ceaseless prayers for our salvation and her never turning anyone who comes to her, even the most lost can find refuge with her.1 (p216)

Protectress of the Condemned

A title by St. Emphrem. See “Hope of the Despairing.”1

Refuge of Sinners

In the past, there were cities where criminals could flee to find some freedom from the penalties of their crimes. These cities no longer exist, except for Mary. She accepts all sinners and helps them change to be favorable in God’s eyes.1

Secure Haven for the Shipwrecked

A title by St. Emphrem. See “Hope of the Despairing.”1

Solace of Migrants

Star of the Sea

When we are tossed about and lost in the stormy seas of sin, Mary is the star that will guide us back to God.1

Auxilium Christianorum

Latin for “Help of Christians.” See “Help of Christians.”

Refugium Peccatorem

Latin for “Refuge of Sinners.” See “Refuge of Sinners.”

Salus Infirmorum

Latin for “Health of the Sick.” See “Health of the Sick.”

Stella Maris

Latin for “Star of the Sea”. See “Star of the Sea.”

Vita et Spes Nostra

Latin for “Our Life and Our Hope”. See “Our Life and Our Hope”.

The Divine Shepherdess

Refuge of Sinners

Her Holiness

Full of Grace

When the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, he called her “Full of Grace,” (Luke 1:28). This is her title and reflects her holiness (See “Immaculate Conception“).

The Immaculate Conception

When Mary appeared to St. Bernadette of Lourdes, she referred to herself as “The Immaculate Conception.” This is justified because she was immaculately conceived, because she is the spouse of the Holy Spirit, who is the uncreated Immaculate Conception, and because she herself is the created Immaculate Conception (See “Immaculate Conception“).

Holy Virgin of virgins

Mirror of Justice

Mystical Rose

Tower of Ivory

House of Gold

Morning Star

Treasure of the Lord

Mary is the container of all of God’s important treasures, including His Son (St. Louis de Montfort).1

Alma Mater

Latin for “Mother secret and hidden,” in reference to her humility and silence in the Gospels (St. Louis de Montfort).1

Her Office & Powers

Adjutrix Redemptionis

Latin for “Assistant with Redemption.” See “Co-Operatrix with Christ”.

Co-Operatrix with Christ

As Eve cooperated with Adam in our ruin, Mary cooperates with Christ in our redemption (Albertus Magnus); she also cooperates with Christ in our justification since she is God’s treasurer of graces. See “Treasurer of Graces”.1


Mediatrix of all Graces

Our Lady

Since Mary is Queen of all Saints, she is our Queen and must be addressed as “Our Lady”.

Notre Dame

French for “Our Lady”.

Nuestra SeƱora

Spanish for “Our Lady”.

Felix Coeli Porta

Latin for “Gate of Heaven.” See “Gate of Heaven.”

Gate of Heaven

Every grace of the king passes the palace gate before reaching the people; in the same way, every grace from Christ passes to the faithful via the Blessed Mother, hence her name Gate of Heaven (St. Bernard). Furthermore, every person who enters Heaven must do so through Mary (St. Bonaventure).1

Mother of Divine Grace

Mother of Good Counsel

Mother of Hope

Mother of Mercy

The New Jerusalem

Our Lady of Ransom and Mercy

Our Lady of the Rosary

Plane Tree

Mary has as many shields to protect us from evil as the plane tree has leaves; she protects us from our passions and temptations as a plane tree protects the traveler from the sun and the rain; she offers the sinner a place of refuge from the heat of God’s justice.1

Queen of the most Holy Rosary

Queen of Mercy

Queen of Peace

Tower of David

“Your neck is like the tower of David, built for an arsenal, whereon hang a thousand bucklers all of them shields of warriors,” (Song of Solomon 4:4). The Church teaches that the woman being venerated here is Mary. Christ is the head of the Church and Mary is the neck through which graces are given by God to the people. Those who stay with her are protected from the onslaught of evil.1

Thesaurariam Gratiarum

Latin for “Treasurer of Graces.” See “Treasurer of Graces.”

Treasurer of Graces

As per venerable Abbot of Celles, all the good we could hope for from God are given to us by Mary.1

La Conquistadora (Santa Fe-New Mexico)

Madonna del Miracolo (Rome)

Mother of Divine Providence (Puerto Rico)

Our Lady of Abundance (Italy)

Our Lady of All Help (France)

Our Lady of Apparitions (Madrid-Spain)

Our Lady of the Assumption (Italy)

Our Lady of the Conception (Flanders-Belgium, Italy)

Our Lady of Conquering Love (Santa Fe-New Mexico)

Our Lady of Consolation, (Honfleur-France, Luxembourg, Rome-Italy)

Our Lady of Deliverance (Spain)

Our Lady of Divine Providence (Cussanio-Italy)

Our Lady of Faith (Amiens-France, Cauchy, Gravelines-France)

Our Lady of Fire (Forli-Italy)

Our Lady of Good Counsel (Genazzano-Italy)

Our Lady of Good Delivery (Paris)

Our Lady of Good Help (Champion-Wisconsin, Montreal-Canada)

Our Lady of Good Hope (Dijon-France)

Our Lady of Good News

Our Lady of Good Remedies (Mexico)

Our Lady of Good Remedy (France)

Our Lady of Good Success (Quito-Ecuador)

Our Lady of Good Tidings (France)

Our Lady of Grace (Honfleur-France, Trentino, Italy)

Our Lady of Great Power (Quebec, Canada)

Our Lady of the Great Return (Boulogne-sur-mer, France)

Our Lady of the Highest Grace (Dominican Republic)

Our Lady of Hope (Pontmain, France)

Our Lady of Life (Provence-France)

Our Lady of Light (Portugal, Italy)

Our Lady of Mercy (Absam-Austria, Savona, Spain)

Our Lady of Miracles (in the Church of Our Lady of Peace-Rome, Avignon-France, St. Maur des Fosses-France)

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (Paris-France)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Patroness of the Republic of Haiti and Almoradi, Spain

Our Lady of Power (France)

Our Lady of Safety (Holland)

Our Lady of Safe Hiding (Holland)

Our Lady of Prompt Succour (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Our Lady of Succour (Rennes, France)

Our Lady of Tears (Syracuse, Sicily-Italy, Spoletto-Italy)

Our Lady of Victories (in the Church of St. Mark-Vienna)

Our Lady of Victory (Constantinople, France, Prague-Czech Republic, Senlis-France, Toledo-Spain)

Our Lady of Virtues (Portugal)

Her Dominion

Queen of Heaven and Earth

Queen of Angels

Queen of Patriarchs

Queen of Prophets

Queen of Apostles

Queen of Martyrs

Our Beloved Mother loved Our Lord so much that she endured a martyr’s suffering when she witnessed His passion and death, her soul being pierced with a sword, thus making her Queen of Martyrs (Rev. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P. and Pope Benedict XV).1

Queen of Confessors

Queen of Virgins

Queen of all Saints

Queen of Families

Our Lady of the Angels (Assisi-Italy, Paris-France, Toulouse-France)

Our Lady of Hermits (Switzerland)

Our Lady of the Helpers

Our Lady of the Slain (Portugal)